Complete branding and website bundles 

Get you business started or re-branded with our complete branding and identity bundle. Whether getting your new business started or improving your existing one, we have complete website bundles with branding, website design, business email, SEO settings, marketing tools and support services to meet your needs and your budget.    

Branding and Website Bundles

Brand Development Bundle

Startups or Re-Branding


Business Name Creation

Custom logo design

Web png and print vector files

Font, colour and style brand guide

Business cards design, printed, shipped

Branded Facebook Page

Custom Logo Sample

Standard Website Bundle

New Business or Small Business


Standard logo design

Mobile friendly website design

Standard SEO settings

Wix hosting and business email

Standard Ascend marketing

Standard content management

Standard Website Sample

Premium Website Bundle

Custom or  Small Team Companies

Custom logo design

Responsive website design

Premium SEO settings

Editor X hosting and business email

Premium Ascend marketing

Premium content management

Premium Website Sample