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Real life stories. More than Websites.

Recent Case Studies

The full story is always more than just a website design. We believe it starts with recognizable branding that describes your business online beginning with a user friendly, attractive and mobile friendly website that is engaging, animated, integrated and secure. Add to that specific-to-your-business marketing that helps your business get found online and promotes your business even while you are sleeping. Have look at some of our featured business stories. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Sports car interior

Maslom Interiors

Randy, a high end automotive leather interior repair expert, is the owner of Maslom Interiors in California. He approached us looking to update his old website to reflect the quality of his services. Beyond a poor image of his brand, he was losing viewers and search ranking because his website was insecure, not mobile friendly and had low quality content to meet today’s Google standards.   ​


Randy had already done his homework before he approached us by looking at various companies across the US - from discount designers to larger company services. He ended up choosing our services - not because of our reasonable pricing structure, but because we listened to his needs and didn’t keep selling our services. Instead, we educated him using laymen's terms of what was required today for websites and marketing and why. Because our intake meeting was so thorough, with setup and design, we could work behind the scenes instead of constantly inconveniencing Randy.  When his new website was ready to launch, Randy only needed small tweaks which we did live online with him. ​


Randy enjoyed our teacher approach; that we took the time to learn about his business and became knowledgeable in his field before we began his website design. This kept the process simple and direct. Randy said he also found us easy to reach and when not available, quick to respond to emails and voice messages.


After the website was done, Randy used our content management services and reached out to us to address simple changes, email set up questions and to confirm if messages might be sent from scammers. As proof of his trust in our services, and favourable experience, Randy quite often sends us referrals of his peers.  

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