5 Side-Hustles To Make Extra Money

As most of you are aware, not only are we in a Gig economy, but many of us are in debt and are looking for a side-hustle. Do I have news for you! Side jobs are back in vogue! Maybe it’s not a debt load you’re concerned about. You have a career but would like to make a few extra bucks to fund a better vacation or perhaps just need a new SUV. Whatever your reason why, it’s best to choose something that doesn’t require a lot of time or start up money.

Here are a few side-hustles that you might want to consider and that fits your personality and  budget. Really the only question is, what kind of product of service do you want to provide? With first hand experience and working with 100’s of clients, I’ve found that these are the top gigs that I see as current and highly possible. Let’s look at each one to see if it’s right for you.

  1. Freelancing services

  2. Wedding planning.

  3. Blogging

  4. Online store

  5. Dog Walking

Freelancing Services

I would say this is top on my list, only because I have first hand experience and have seen many successful startups. The start up costs and efforts are as little as business cards to a simple website. Either find something you have past job experience or use hobby that you have tons of experience and get started. Don’t try and figure it all out, just make a simple plan and get started. Offer some free services to your friends as a reference and they will likely sent you recommendations.    Wedding Planning

While I have no experience in this sector, I know many that have done well in this side-hustle. My understanding  is that this service involves a lot of juggling of multiple timelines while serving closely as a friend and confidante to the couple. For those with excellent organizational skills, a bit of patience and you have some sense of style, this can be easily done as a home based business. Like freelancing, wedding planning is a word-of-mouth business relying on referrals, so testimonials are a given. A business card and a website with photos and references are a good idea, so start with a friend’s wedding if you have this aptitude. Blogging

A good friend of mine made his career in this gig. It does take a bit of time writing a good blog on popular topics, but it can generate either a full time or part-time income. Think about it, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could earn some extra cash just sharing your thoughts and opinions? As it turns out, you can. If you have a gift with writing, a blog is quick, simple and inexpensive, can be setup in quickly and is less money than a website. I would suggest you learn WordPress, the world’s best blogging format and take a few courses online. How do you make money? Start getting followers and then set up a sponsor section on your blog where each sponsor has a dedicated page. From there, many bloggers springboard speaking Gigs or offer consulting in their area of expertise. Online Store

Gone are the days of renting a building, renovating, buying inventory, hiring staff and advertising. This takes a lot of start up costs and creates a pile of risk. With online stores I have first hand experience and knowledge. This Gig starts with finding the right products that you have a passion for and putting them online. To keep you inventory costs low, it’s best to start by simply drop shipping which means you purchase form you distributor at cost, have your customer pay for these online and have the wholesaler or distributor look after the logistics. (stock and shipping). I would suggest start with a low cost monthly fee for a website builder store or Shopify to handle the online store and payments. This way, you can get started without any website design skills. Use their marketing tools to get found and add some Facebook ads to promote.

Dog Walking

I have a client that started with this side-hustle and turned it into a career. She began dog walking as a side job and a shoestring budget for her side business, added her passion for dogs, a network of friends, some business cards, a simple website and a Facebook page to post cute dog photos. She started small and built up a good business after a few years. Referrals and testimonies were important and helped her establish the credibility she needed to start the snowball rolling. It’s her full time career now.

So how do you get started?

Look for a business, product or service you have a passion for and a little experience in. Find a good business name and get some business cards printed. Just get started and make your changes along the way. If you have the funds, get a logo designed and a simple website started. For an online store, you will need to start with your logo and set up your shopping cart. Begin offering some free services or products to get references or testimonials. So, get your Gig and get Going. [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [/et_pb_section]

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