Fall is coming. Are you ready?

Fall is coming our way quickly. What should be on your business agenda? As much as we don’t want to push next year, perhaps it a good time to start thinking about what next year should look like. With some predictions saying a slowing economy, preparing to reduce some costs are always in order. Thinking about improving sales processes and creating marketing with better ROI would also be prudent.

Reducing costs are not really my specialty, but increasing sales revenues and improving marketing effectiveness are. It’s a good time to strategize your existing sales paths and marketing plans to bring in a strong year. Don’t have a strategic plan? Perhaps this should be on your to do list for 2018. Today a good strategic “smarketing plan” should include your sales and marketing channels for better success.

How do you get better marketing ROI?

In simple terms, understand your market better and target the right audience. It’s also good to look at new marketing channels and evaluate existing ones while being open to change. Paper marketing and distribution is getting too costly and effectiveness is diminishing every year, so considering a digital solution might just make sense.

How do you increase sales effectiveness?

Without knowing your team’s efforts and processes, it’s a good idea to have the right tools to be effective. Starting with marketing automation for lead gen and a simple sales CRM for prospect tracking and follow ups is a great place to begin. Also a good sales team need to be trained professionals and not just staff member “thrown to the dogs.”

In conclusion

Since fall is coming soon, these are my thoughts about improving sales and marketing efforts. However, sometimes an outside perspective with some consulting and coaching can help you put a “mutual input strategic plan” in place, address a “few roadblocks” and lead team members in the “right directions”.

What are you thoughts?

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