Is your WordPress website working for you?

Every day I speak to clients and it is common to hear people say they don’t get much business from their website. Or, they say that their business model is a referral type of business and they really don’t need a website to help with lead generation. Perhaps this blog might help you see a different perspective of the use of your business website. You’ll find some key ways your website can help you improve your business effectiveness.

WordPress powers 32% of the world’s websites

Since WordPress is the “best of brand” for websites and Woocommerce the preferred ecommerce platform, I’ve based my thoughts around these two privital pillars. It also makes sense to discuss why you want your website to work for you. If you have spent good money on a current looking website and made great SEO efforts to make sure your website is found, why stop there and not make your website work for you?

What do I mean by “work for you”? I’m not just putting out a nice line or catchy phrase. Your website should work for you while you’re sleeping or busy by booking appointments, taking payments, training your staff or customers or generating pre qualified leads for your salespeople.

How can your WordPress website work for you?

Although there are more, the list below are the most important key areas I currently see everyday. I welcome your thoughts and ideas.

  1. Call to Actions – make sure your website promotes marketing and is selling you products or services while you are sleeping. (make sure you cover common questions with FAQs)

  2. Lead Gen Forms – have your website set up to prequalify your traffic into a value lead and automate a notice in your sales CRM ( Salesforce, Zoho, Insightly etc )

  3. Online Store – add Woocommerce to sell commonly requested products or downloads, take online payments and automate your shipping.

  4. Calendar Booking – automate your services and payments online and let it delegate to required staff. Allow online reservations or take rental bookings (business services, resorts or B&B’s, cottages, etc.)

  5. Online Subscriptions – have your customers sign up for a recurring subscription rather than invoicing and waiting for payments. (home maintenance, IT contracts, service contracts etc)

  6. Automate Memberships – to save time and money allow your website to encourage online memberships rather than a manual process (golf, clubs, VIP for regular customers etc.)

  7. Online Training – to provide either free or paid online learning for your staff or customers where they can learn anywhere and any time. (simply create your own coursers or have professionals create them)

Take your website to the next level. Automate common processes to save a ton of time and lots of money. Process automation can have amazing ROI (return on investment) up to 10 times your investment. Take your existing process and implement two or three of these integrations and make you website work for you.

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