Marketing experts don’t want you to know about free!

When you are starting a new or side business, usually your funds are usually limited. My marketing peers may not like me, but here is a list of many completely FREE services available to use until you have the funds to move up into paid subscriptions or services.

  1. Blogger – one of the tools from Google used for blogging. It’s a great tool that’s simple to use with which to begin your blogging. Blogging gets your name out on the web as an expert in your field. You can even add a custom domain. (WordPress is a better paid service)

  2. Facebook – create a business page and pick a format that matches your business type. By linking your website and post on a regular basis, you can improve your branding and awareness. It’s a great marketing tool to make connections and post messages. (Facebook Ads are extra)

  3. Gmail – for more than email, use the full suite of word processing, calendar, contacts, collaboration, sharing, online storage and communication tools. (G Suite subscriptions are extra )

  4. Google Analytics – by adding this to your website, the use of this powerful tool can be for your email campaigns to help you analyze where your traffic is coming from, who is reading them, and when they are doing so. (Analytics 360 are extra)

  5. Google My Business – provides local info for your business when people search for your kind of business. It also includes statistics, allows free promo posting and a FREE basic website builder. (Google AdWords are extra)

  6. Insightly – use their sales CRM and project management version to track your sales, monitor projects, tasks and activities. (Subscription versions are extra)

  7. Kijiji – for advertising your products and services or even posting requests for freelance workers or other job postings. (Paid ads are extra)

  8. Mailchimp – will get you started with list building, send email campaigns and create automated follow ups. It even has web forms, pop ups and basic landing page builders. It integrates with virtually everything else. (Subscriptions are extra)

  9. PayPal – is a powerful tool for taking online payments, invoicing and even small business loans. Don’t wait! Keep chasing payments or keep paying banking fees. I’m sure you prefer the former not the latter. (credit card fees and other account services are extra)

  10. Pixlr – a web based advanced photo editing software allowing effects and layouts for text and other images. (Subscription versions are extra)

These tips are just the starting point for most small businesses or nonprofits to go from free to paid services. Like every beginning point, the paths will vary with time and speed. Once your business is up and off the ground, making profits and bringing in revenue, then the natural process would be to move from free to paid versions or more advanced systems for more features and benefits. Unless you win the lottery or inherit the family fortune, this is the journey for most businesses. If I can help you get started, I’m sure when you’re ready and when you have the funds, you will consider paid versions or professional services.

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