Old school marketing versus current marketing

It feels like a broken record some days. For those familiar with old school turntables and records, what I’m referring to is a record needle that keeps skipping back into the same track. As much as I have been saying that your online business presence is more than a website, many small business owners think that once you build your website you’re done. I’d say you’re just getting started.

Old School Marketing – It’s a broken record

Think about the old school days of marketing. You would rent your office or store, then you’d renovate the premisiss and add a sign for your branding. Then you would add your utilities and maintain your location. Finally, you would proceed with some kind of advertising to let people know where you were and what you offered. You might advertise in the yellows pages and your local newspaper. So here’s my question: ‘What makes us think that the process would be any different today, with the exception of the tools being different’?

What’s required Today – New Groove

Online you need a good-looking, mobile-friendly website to begin with. As I mentioned, you’re just getting started. It’s like having your store but not having any advertising if you just stop there. Just like your business, this requires maintenance to make sure everything is technically up-to-date. You must have marketing and advertising to get found by customers and regular changes to make sure you stay relevant, current and looking fresh. Even when your business is established, it’s like creating a new album cover. Staying in the groove is vital to maintaining and growing your business or service.

Show me what you mean!

Here’s a top 10 checklist of what your business needs for a good online presence today. This will vary depending on your business type, whether business to business services or direct to customer products or services.

  1. Branding – logo with your preferred colours and catchy tagline

  2. Business email – use a hosting domain email with Google G Suite or MS Office 365

  3. Website – mobile responsive that’s engaging with photos and videos that tell your story

  4. SEO – onsite and offsite settings made so your website gets found by your customers

  5. Social Media Marketing – Facebook and Instagram pages and engaging postings

  6. Marketing Automation – customer emails scheduled and auto communications

  7. Blogging – social media integrated blog for online posting, news and updates

  8. Video marketing – explainer videos, customer testimonials or informational videos

  9. Paid Ads – Google Adwords, Facebook or Instagram Ads to boost online awareness

  10. Review – always review available analytics (Google, Facebook) and tweak your efforts

Like a broken record, don’t keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. It’s time to turn the tables so to speak.It’s better to stay in the groove and do what works for your business by applying new tools to make sure your business presence looks good online, that you get found easily and that you keep you information current.

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