Smarketing. What the heck is that?

What the heck is smarketing and why should you care? Over the last decade I have been coaching both sales and marketing. During these years I created blended sales and marketing courses based on a merging selling process. As well, during this time, I’ve spoken about the paradigm shift of the selling process. Prior to this time, for decades, sales and marketing departments seldom spoke to each other let alone consulting with each other about their work. Over time then, the shift in the selling process that we’ve seen has gone from an 80% sales and 20% marketing ratio to an 80% marketing and 20% change.

With that shift in mind, then, today’s B2B selling process should be focused on a combined sales and marketing approach. A new term called “smarketing”has been the response to that percentage shift between sales and marketing. It is defined as “the process of integrating the sales and marketing processes of a business. The objective is for the sales and marketing functions to have a common integrated approach.

Why should we blended smarketing process?

I have listed a few reasons from my sales and marketing experiences and several from recent research for you to consider.

  1. promotes product or services to potential buyers integrating the sales and marketing process and activities.

  2. most current CRMs such as Hubspot, Infusionsoft and Salesforce integrate the selling process from lead gen, to opportunity, to close.

  3. allows sales and marketing departments to agree on a common terminology for sales and marketing collateral.

  4. permits data sharing throughout the entire selling process first, identify prospects, second, how to comommiciate and third, when to followed up.

  5. Works best to provide closed loop reporting by tracking successes the marketing stage through the sales efforts.

What should be the expected results of this blended duo?

From research, the Increased revenue growth expectation should be at least 21% or more. This growth is created by efficiencies, shared resources and streamlined processes. My one concern however, is that the “new salesperson” will require new skills and an attention to detail which marketing individuals must have in order to be good at what they do.Having said that, I trust the new hires will be more adept in this new role having had proper training for both sales and marketing.

Another trend on the heels of a blended selling model

The other trend that follows this blended sales and marketing process, is marketing automation with ecommerce purchasing. I was fortunate enough to be a product of this model several years ago when the company I worked for moved to full ecommerce model and releasing salespeople. They filled the sales gap with a heavy marketing frontend for promotion and communication, dealer portals for purchasing and internal specialist to answer questions. Those that couldn’t transition to ‘smarketing’ were left by the wayside.

Needless to say, we can’t live in the past and should embrace and welcome the change so that we can do better at meeting the needs of our client, dealer or customer experience. It’s really a win win both ways because there is a more efficient selling process for companies’ bottom line and frankly, labour savings as well. So, next time you hear the term ‘smarketing’ you’ll know what it stands for.

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