Think you can do SEO? How’s that working out?

I know most of us know what is SEO is these days or have at least heard about it. For those not in the know and who haven’t clicked on the link, in layman’s terms it simply refers to settings made so search engines like Google can find your website or blog. Having said that, creating good SEO and getting the results you want is quite another undertaking. In fact the more SEO I do and the more I learn about it, the more I realize all the things I don’t know. Even the best SEO experts have a challenge keeping up with the latest Google algorithms these days.

But having said that, I wanted you to be aware of the latest changes in SEO which I know about since I continue to stay current. And for the benefit of those reading this, I want to focus on the change not what you’ve needed over the last five years to make your SEO work better. So what did Google change with their algorithm and what do you need to do to respond?

What changed for SEO this summer?

This August the Google update focused yet again on quality content. Google is trying to help searchers. not penalize you. However. that means your website needs to have quality content.  Google’s aim is to rid the internet of poor quality websites. Google’s refreshed its quality algorithms during the summer month explicitly in August this year.  Of course Google didn’t tell us how or what to change, but here are few suggestions I would recommend:  Websites, pages or blogs that just had outbound links (tags) or thin content with little text. If these are not changed, your website will be negatively affected.

So what do I need for better SEO?

To have good content on your pages you will need more than main titles and photos. Yes you still need to tag your photos with attributes for better search results and page ranking.  Your home page with which Google weighs about 80% by-the-way, will require relevant content to your keywords with subtitles breaking up your page in a logical manner for flow. On top of all that, the hardest part is qualifying sentence structure and avoiding passive voice and long sentence structure. Your readability should also pass the Flesch–Kincaid readability tests to assure the public can read and understand without a lot of industry jargon. Some of the better SEO software out there will aid in your process, but it really does take some current training, experience and ongoing changes to get good results.

Summary and conclusion

I’m just scratching the surface and the few things I’ve listed is not meant to complete the requirements for good SEO in any manner. It is really to make you more aware that SEO is just not something the average DIYer can do quickly. You might be able to learn how to design a website, but areas like development, page flow and SEO requires ongoing education, experience and skill. Finally, I want to leave you with the thought that SEO is now not a “one time set it and leave it process.” It must be tweaked and maintained to keep up with our ever changing world of SEO if you want to get found on the web.

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