Website design. What should it look like?

It seems website design trends are changing all the time these days, so best practices are sometimes really hard to define or they stale date quickly. However, I believe there are basic rules that your website design should follow to obtain the best end results. Having had multiple conversations with clients, doing a lot of research and training and having my team build hundreds of websites, there are some key fundamentals or guidelines that website design should follow.

Website Design Essentials

Visually it all starts with good branding. The right colour palette with secondary and contrast colours and a theme that makes sense for the type of business. This should be followed by a clean design that is visually appealing, logical navigation to provide a good user experience and an engaging story flow that keeps users reading. Digging deeper, design should include animation to engage but not distract, quality photos that pull out emotions as well as some videos to keep viewers engaged. Last, but certainly not least, the site has to be responsive to look good on all devices with the home page linking to all back pages by using different “calls to action” and without using “the hamburger”. (three line menu on mobile)

Top 10 Design Checklist

  1. Excellent user experience (UX)

  2. Easy to understand navigation

  3. Proper use of animation

  4. Good colour palette and scheme

  5. Clean layout and mobile responsive

  6. Visually appealing interface

  7. Appropriate theme choice

  8. Organized design elements and content

  9. Good story flow with easy to read copy

  10. All pages navigable from home page with call to action

Overall, the end result needs to be a good user experience, the message well conveyed and the navigation easy to follow. However, there are some new items one must follow to be compliant with search engine requirements. To make sure you business is found online and viewable on the vast amount of devices available on the market, not only should your story flow well, but content needs to meet readability standards.

Got questions or comments about what your website needs? Drop me a line or start a discussion. We don’t want to miss it by a hair. Things can change, but the root reasons for a great website don’t.

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