Website integrations save your time and money

Are you just creating a new website or have you already have a current one for your small business. Perhaps it time to take your business to the next level with a few website integrations to save your time and your money.

Save your time with a virtual assistant to allow your customers to book appointments, offer convenient mobile purchasing, provide internal learning that can be accessed anywhere or create user memberships. Let you website do the work while you sleep! Improve your business sales by having the right tools in place.

Online sales and services are increasing exponentially over the last four or five years. Why fight it? Be part of your client or customer requirements and be their solution to help save their time and increase their sales. Let your website save you time and improve your sales revenues.

To meet the needs of small businesses, this year RDS Digital Media is focused on offering and providing our clients with four key areas of website integrations including mobile friendly shopping carts , internal business learning management systems, booking systems for appointments, reservations or rentals and free or paid memberships integrations.

Online Shopping Carts

Add a mobile responsive shopping cart for products, services or downloads. Sort by category, pricing, most popular or recommended. We set up your payment gateways, taxes. shipping, inventory and ingrate your accounting. Add seamless marketing automation for a complete solution.

Add a learning management system for videos, courses and training wirth quick user registration either free or paid. These offer testing, quizzes and certificates as well as course or lesson tracking with progress reports. We offer seamless WordPress integration.

Be more productive with online appointments with calendar and payment integration. Allow rental booking with one time or recurring payments gateways. Automate your restaurant and resort reservations or event bookings with your online payment choice. Connect your email and calendars to keep it all together.

We set up free or paid memberships sign ups with either one-time or recurring payment that can be billed weekly, monthly or annually. Sell products or services with these type of memberships as well. These fully integrate in your existing or new WordPress website.

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