What to do during quieter summer months

Summer is the time to relax and enjoy the nice weather and take some well deserved vacation time. But you’re not the only one that needs the break. Your clients and customers are doing the same thing which makes the summers quieter for business, unless you’re in the tourism or entertainment business.

Many businesses and owners use the summer time to catch up on tasks that never seem to get done such as doing some face to face meetings with clients, rearrange your office space or catch up with some accounting processes. If you are in sales, this is a good time to visit your competitor’s accounts while the competitors are on vacation. Watch your back, because your competitors likely have the same idea.

So what can a small business get done during this quieter times and prepare for the busier autumn times? Here are few ideas I’ve learned over the past few decades of business in the summer.

Summer Business Ideas

  1. Visit or contact those customers or clients you never had time to see

  2. Clean up computer files or start new backups

  3. Revise your website and social media pages

  4. Setup email or marketing automation

  5. Catch up with your accounting

  6. Renovate or refresh your office space

  7. Contact your competitor’s accounts while they are on vacation

  8. See a few businesses face to face to book a fall meeting

  9. Invite clients out for a patio lunch

  10. Take your best customers out golfing

Whatever your creative mind can come up with, is likely worth pursuing. It’s time to enjoy the summers months as we all know they’re shorter than we would like. However, it’s also worth your while to use the more casual downtime to your advantage. Move your business forward by catching up, booking appointments and arranging meetings with your competitors’ clients. You may just hit a hole in one with your downtime efforts.

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