Why WordPress design over template website platforms?

This is a more common question that you would think. For those that don’t ask, small business owners should know the differences between a WordPress design website with hosting and a typical template website platform (Godaddy, Yellow Pages, WIX etc).

Overall, WordPress is a highly flexible and customized free open source platform from wordpress.org with your choice of hosting, while template websites have their own hosting and design system. While you can build your own WordPress website, it does take a few skills and hiring a professional designer would save you time and provide better results. If you are a DIYer and have the time, then use a website template builder.

While some template builders offer to build a website for you, I’m not sure if it makes sense to pay higher designer fees to setup and add content. I would suggest you use your marketing funds for proper website build using WordPress or another professional website platform.

So what are the key differences?

  1. Google likes to find WordPress websites over template websites as it’s a blogging platform known for content that the search engines prefer.

  2. WordPress a content management system meaning users can make text and media changes without knowing any code. It’s not a simple as a website builder, but in the last few years most themes offer a visual editing layer.

  3. WordPress is open source so there is no cost for the platform and there is no extra monthly hosting expenses like template hosting.

  4. More flexible than restricted template hosting with 1000’s of plugins ranging from free to a paid premium plugin

  5. Greater customized design and features than template hosted themes to make your website uniquely yours and not like others. You are never stuck with thier template changes.

  6. Adds the free woocommerce open source plugin to make a customized store for products and downloads with 100’s of ecommerce options.

  7. Through API technology WordPress can be integrated with almost everything from Sales CRMs to marketing automation far more that template hosted design.

  8. Choose your hosting company with various pricing and horsepower level rather than relying on your template website hosting company.

So in summary, WordPress allows more versatility to customize your website, flexibility to add integrated features like ecommerce and provides a platform that allows more robust SEO to get found by Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Choose either a self hosted website with one of the better hosting providers such as Godaddy, Bluehost and Dreamhost or use WordPress.com for an easy all in one start. Better still use experts for better design and SEO results.

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