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What do I need to know about SEO audits?

Updated: Apr 20

SEO audit

As you consider your business plans and set goals and targets for the new year, you may realize that to grow your business, marketing must be close to 50% of your business plans. Of the marketing tools available to help improve your business’ awareness and to increase revenues, your website is the hub where your customer traffic is driven. One of the most important elements for your website is the search engine settings. They were likely done when your website was designed. However, in the ever-changing web world, advances and search engine rules change on a regular basis. Things as simple as your keywords and how people search are not the same as last year or even a few months ago. Therefore, expert services such as SEO audits are a valuable and necessary asset to review your existing settings, stay current and improve your business website search returns.

What is an SEO audit

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Audits address many key areas of your website affecting your customer's or client’s searches and your ranking with Google. It includes software analytics, expert keyword research and appropriate setting changes. You will have a final results report so that you can see the immediate impact.

Why do I need one?

This exercise needs to be done at least annually if not more often as your customers' keywords search is always changing on a regular basis. Google algorithm and search criteria are consistently evolving. The initial settings made on your website are most likely outdated and not as effective as they once were. The return on your investment is to effectively reach your target audience. With an SEO audit you’ve just hit that goal or target you set.

What's the cost?

It's better to ask, “What is the required investment?” SEO audits should be viewed as a return on your investment. Consider: What's the cost of not doing anything as the business loss is far greater. Essentially the cost of an SEO audit that includes required edits and changes, is a small price to pay for even just one new client acquisition. Pricing varies depending on the scope of work required and the size of your business.

What has to be done?

Overall, it's a relatively minor project over a few days. Without getting too deep into SEO jargon, here are some key areas and improvements that are recommended.

  • Run reports for website analysis

  • Review insights for traffic, behavior, locations

  • Benchmark against your industry

  • Website and mobile page speed simulation test