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Why use all in one platforms?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

So what’s with these all in one website platforms? Why is this trend so popular and catching on like summer wildfires? You may have asked yourself, “Aren't I putting all my eggs in one basket?” Or you may discern, “Maybe everything in one spot might help me grow my business.” So, is it possible that integrations might have its benefits? Having been in the web business well over a decade, I’ve cracked open the benefits of all in one website platforms. Take a gander.

What used to work?

Several years ago marketing platforms started integrating with websites through a technology called API. A typical small business solution back then was a website designed with an API marketing integration. While that provided a website and marketing solution, it still meant that you were paying for your website hosting fee plus a marketing subscription and you required separate access and logins. In the last few years, you will have noticed that major website builders are offering the design level of custom sites and including marketing tools. Even the marketing platforms now offer a complete website and marketing solution as they see the power of integration.

So what are the benefits?

As many of you know, a stand alone website is just a glossy brochure on the web without being found and functional. It’s like building a store and putting up a sign but not advertising the new business. With the web, not only does your website need to get found online with SEO settings and submissions, but also your business needs awareness and promotion. Having your marketing built in means that you have access to your blogging, email marketing, social media posting etc with one single login and most likely less monthly fees. Having quick access means a simpler process for your marketing effects and your team. Most of these platforms include integrated results reporting in Google analysis.

What do the best platforms include?

For small businesses these five marketing channels or categories are required today to get found, create awareness, promote, communicate and engage with your customers or clients: First, the most essential marketing tool to get found online is organic SEO which means making website search settings to ensure google searchers find your business. Second, blogging is an excellent way to increase your search results and establish you as experts in your industry. Third, social media posting can provide awareness and a following to relate to your target market. Fourth, email marketing and automation is a highly effective way to communicate and promote your business to customers and approved target groups. Finally, the “red bull” of marketing are paid digital ads whether display advertising or search advertising methods.

So what works for you?

Find an all in one website platform that works for you or your website designer with a marketing platform that offers the tools that grow your business. It seems strange to “put all your eggs in one basket,” but in this case, you can choose what and how to use those eggs. It’s a marketing platform that is customized for your business so you can help it grow. In other words, and from years of experience, building a marketing strategy and working your plan with all in one marketing, works. Get cracking!

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