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The new normal with all in one marketing platforms

Updated: Jan 4

all in one marketing

In today's “new normal”, there couldn't be a better time for a more flexible website and marketing platform. As you may have seen over the last few years, most website platforms now offer all-in-one marketing solutions. The better ones even offer integrated communications too.

Why then, should you settle for just a website designed for you that usually takes a month or more to build and if you're lucky, your designer might know how to do basic SEO? Does this sound familiar? I hear this all too often. Online marketing today needs more than just a pretty looking website. How are people going to know you’re online unless you get the word out? All-in-One is it! Here’s why:

Digital marketing has changed and so have the needs of your small businesses. With a global pandemic and a looming recession, we know you as a small business owner, are looking for not only good bang for your buck, but also more than just a website that looks good. It has to work for you and produce a good return on your investment.

From recent surveys and small business owner discussions, we know you are looking for these services, features and benefits:

  1. Affordable website design that doesn't break the bank

  2. Quick turnaround with work done in days not weeks

  3. Up front pricing with no surprise costs or expenses

  4. Simple and mobile user access so you can do quick edits or make posts

  5. Include effective SEO that gets your business found online

  6. All marketing tools that are easy to use, all together and built in.

  7. Integrated communications so everything is in one spot

Gone are the days of complex coding, long project times, a la carte marketing and communications on many platforms.

There are many out there, but Wix, Godaddy, Squarespace and Weebly are the top all-in-one platform choice worldwide. While it's true these started as DIYer platforms, they have matured with more customization and flexibility so agencies including ourselves, now offer design and marketing services for you, our clients. It meets your new normal needs of your small business.

So whether a simple website, premium “booking” website or an online store, perhaps now's the time to consider the new normal. Save time and have an expert set up your platform, your marketing and design your website. All-in-one, one-in-all!

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