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Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Branding, website design, ecommerce setups, SEO settings, digital ads, consulting and coaching

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About Us

Having worked for decades in the high tech world, the digital printing industry and in corporate sales and marketing, our roots run deep. Because of those years of experience, we are experts in our full service custom design and marketing agency. We offer our clients professional branding, online marketing services and website design. Our team is comprised of various skill sets and multi-talents using only Canadian nationwide experienced team members.

Services We Offer

branding & logo design


Custom logo designs and full business branding options.

Seo services

SEO Services

Essential and advanced one-time and recurring monthly SEO

website design

Website Design

Essential and custom website designs with integrations. 

google and facebook ads

Digital Ads

Managed Facebook, Instagram and Google digital ads

online stores and services

Ecommerce Setups

Online store setups and online services website designs

Coaching and consulting

Coaching & Consulting

Online marketing consulting and coaching sessions

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Everwatch Security

Ron and RDS were a great help to me and my business. We were able to discuss many ways about getting the things done to make my site viable and he included me in everything that was going on. He also helped me understand the SEO process and how it worked with a business like mine. Ron also gave me feedback when I had questions about the effect of Facebook and LinkedIn on my webpage and things I should do to make them work better together. I believe that with his help that I now have a better chance of success. Thanks again for their help.

Toby Session
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Happy House
Feng Shui & Interiors

RDS Digital Marketing was so helpful from the very first call. Being totally new to building a website, I needed more direction than someone who had a website before. RDS was very knowledgeable and patient in the process. The creativity and technical understanding they brought to the project were valuable and appreciated. I would highly recommend RDS Digital Marketing.

Melany Lybrand
Interior Designer
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Our conversation was refreshing in the sense that I did not feel at any time that it was a sales pitch! It was pretty obvious that his passion and professional approach has allowed his business to grow and most importantly, build solid relationships. It became very clear that Ron was able to catch the vision and understand what I wanted from a website AND how to market my business. His advice and expertise has been invaluable and continues to be invaluable. 

Brian Reynolds
Facilitator & Trainer
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